We have the experience and judgment to address your unique needs, and programs and coverage tailored to sport fishermen, cruising trawlers, and affinity groups.

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We translate our knowledge and passion for yachting to our owner and broker partners, so you can reap the benefits of our unmatched expertise, and receive a fully-customized policy for your unique vessel.

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We work directly with our clients’ Risk Managers, Base Managers, Captains and Crew in order to develop a fully customized program that fits your fleet’s unique needs.

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Loss Prevention

The only full-time Yacht and Charter loss prevention specialists anywhere in the world

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The largest Charter Fleet Insurer in the World


Insuring vessels in over 45 countries and on 6 continents

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Falvey Yacht Insurance offers specialized coverage for multiple classes of yachts, from Cruisers to Megayachts, to provide the most customized insurance solutions specific to the type of yacht that you own.



Falvey Yacht Insurance currently partners with the top Charter companies worldwide, and our network is constantly growing, making us the gold standard for coverage geared specifically to the Charter industry.


  • The process of working with the Falvey team has been a real pleasure from the word “go”. We feel very comfortable with their support and work ethic, and it has been pure joy to work together in securing complete and competitive coverage for our world-wide fleet of catamarans.

    The CEO of a worldwide luxury crewed yacht charter company

  • There are many yacht insurance companies but none are as professional and responsive as Falvey Yachts. The Falvey team are more than just an insurance company, they are true partners. We have regular meetings to review how we can save on premiums, assess risk and even to discuss how we may leverage the partnership further.

    Vice President, Charter Division of a nation-wide luxury boat dealer


A Falvey Assured had experienced a fire aboard her yacht, resulting in a total loss of the vessel. The proceeds from leasing the yacht had represented the Assured’s only source of income, and she was now left in dire straits financially. The previous year, under a different insurer, the yacht had taken on water, causing damages of $60,000. Her previous insurer had liquidated without addressing his claim, and left her to foot the bill. Given the poor experience, she was extremely concerned that she would experience similar issues with Falvey Yacht Insurance.

Through Falvey Yacht Insurance’s unparalleled financial security (A.M. Best ‘A Rated’), and diligent work from her Underwriter, FYI was able to expedite her claim and get the full amount to the Assured when she needed it most.

Peace of Mind After Yacht Fire

When Hurricane Odile hit and devastated Cabo San Lucas and La Paz, Mexico, Falvey Yacht Insurance quickly deployed security services to help protect insured vessels. Fuel reserves were depleted in the affected areas due to the storm, making fuel very difficult to acquire, so Falvey worked swiftly to provide fuel to the vessels situated in the path of the hurricane. Falvey covered multiple claims related to the storm, but through diligent work and a proactive presence in the area, opportunities for additional damages were stopped short and more significant impact to the vessels was prevented.

Proactive Protection Mitigates Damages from Hurricane

While out of town on business, one of Falvey Yacht Insurance’s assured had their yacht stolen from the lift behind their home. After a neighbor notified the police, Falvey’s claims team worked with the GPS tracking company to activate the hidden theft tracking device in the yacht, and tracked the vessel’s whereabouts all the way to its destination in a foreign country. Falvey enlisted the services of a local investigative team, who worked with local, state, and federal police to storm a compound where the yacht was being stored and recover the vessel. Falvey then organized the discreet transporting of the yacht safely out of that country and back to home soil. Once repatriated, Falvey’s claims team organized all repair work and fully restored the vessel back to new before reuniting it with its rightful owner.

International Yacht Recovery Foils Thieves

When an assured’s vessel suffered a direct lightning strike, damaging much of the yacht’s onboard electronics, the Falvey team expedited the deployment of a surveyor to inspect the damages. Repairs were underway within days of the initial damage, and the vessel was quickly reunited with its owner. The assured was so pleased with Falvey’s diligence and service that they later invited the Claims and Underwriting team to spend a day onboard the boat as a show of appreciation.

Making Quick Work of Lightning Damage