Our Claims Process 

Falvey Yacht Insurance is committed to going above and beyond expectations in terms of claims. No matter the situation, we will work diligently with our clients and broker partners to process claims wherever and whenever a need arises, so you can spend more time yachting, and less time dealing with paperwork to push a claim through. We have a dedicated staff of in-house yacht claims specialists as well as a vetted network of worldwide surveyors available to work with you proactively to address your needs. At Falvey Yachts, there are no hidden clauses buried in fine print, no runaround, and no question that you’re going to get the best possible service and satisfaction should you ever experience a loss.

With an emphasis on customer service, our goal is to make the claims process as quick and efficient as possible. We achieve this by providing several convenient methods for reporting a claim including a user-friendly online claims system for our customers to report and monitor their claims allowing full transparency throughout the process. This online claims system allows for readily available access for clients and brokers on a 24/7 basis from around the world. Utilizing the latest technology infrastructure to break down all time barriers, our claims process is further enhanced by being completely paperless, clients and brokers can effectively communicate, provide documentation, as well as report claims conveniently online. Falvey Yacht’s dedicated claims team are partners with the client and broker from the initial notification of the claim, throughout the investigation, and until the payment gets to the customer. This dedication to personal customer service further enhanced by workflow efficiency provides for industry-leading superior speed-to-pay for our clients.

Claims can be reported quickly and easily:

My Yacht Portal:
A web-based claim reporting/claim information system that not only allows for ease of claim reporting (including attaching claim supports) but also transparency to the client or broker in terms of claim status or communication with the assigned claims specialist.

To assist with the claims process we will usually require the following information

  • A completed Falvey Yacht Insurance claim form or Master’s Protest/incident report;
  • Photos of damage incurred
  • An itemized repair estimate if applicable; and
  • Any other documentation specifically requested by adjusters representing Falvey Yacht Insurance



In the event of an emergency, contact our emergency line at 401-782-7327

  • I must compliment Falvey Yachts claims staff on their intrinsic integrity and empathy for their client. They strive to achieve an equitable resolution for all parties with every claim. With my claim, Falvey consistently went above and beyond the call of duty in their work. We experienced a loss on our vessel that felt disastrous; Falvey Yachts had the expertise, urgency and sympathy not only to protect and restore our vessel, but to calm our nerves and turn a troubling and complicated situation into a great outcome.

    Customer Feedback

  • Falvey Yachts was very quick in paying my claim, which I really appreciated. They have been so good to me and wonderful to work with in an otherwise unfortunate incident. I can happily say my claim has been resolved.

    Customer Feedback