The My Yacht online concierge grants you access to all of your vessel’s coverage information and documentation in one centralized location. Easily accessible from your phone or laptop, your secure login details provided as part of your policy will grant you access to a variety of convenient features, no matter when, or where, you need them.

24/7, on-demand policy information:
Access your policy and certificates online, from anywhere in the world. View, print or email your evidence of insurance to banks or marinas, as-needed

Real-time claims management:
File a claim, upload relevant documentation, and check the status of repairs or claims payouts in real-time

Fast & Easy Renewals:
Renew your policy with no hassle or delay. The Falvey Yachts portal allows you to proactively renew your policy on your time

Online Premium Payments:
Pay your monthly premiums quickly and easily by credit card, directly through the online system

One-Stop-Shop Vessel Documentation:
View, print or email vessel surveys, registration documents, and more

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  • Falvey Yacht’s self-service portal is impressive. The dashboard is customized to my needs and incorporates the specialized, personal nature of working with the Falvey Yachts Team. The portal makes paying my premium simple and easy!

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