As Hurricane Irma proceeds across the Atlantic, we want to remind our assureds of some important information.

Falvey Yacht Insurance policies include a hurricane haul-out provision. These coverages are slightly different depending on the policy form, so please refer to your Falvey Yacht Insurance policy for the specifics of this coverage.

Falvey Yacht Insurance is committed to going above and beyond expectations in terms of claims response, no matter the situation. Falvey will work diligently with our clients and broker-partners to process claims wherever and whenever a need arises. We have a dedicated staff of in-house yacht claims specialists as well as a vetted network of worldwide surveyors available to work with you as the circumstances dictate.

With an emphasis on customer service, our goal is to make the claims process as efficient as possible. We achieve this by providing several convenient methods for reporting a claim.


  • Falvey Yacht Insurance Web Portal: www.falveyyachtinsurance.com is a web-based claim reporting system that allows for ease of claim reporting, including attaching claim supports (please note you will need your username and password to access this site)
  • Email the Falvey Yacht Insurance Claims Team: claims@falveyyachts.com
  • Call the Falvey Yacht Insurance Claims Team: +1-401-533-5462

Please feel free to contact your underwriter if we may be of assistance during this event or if you have any questions.

Thanks and best regards,

The Falvey Yacht Insurance Team



At Falvey Yacht Insurance, we have received many calls in the last two days about assistance in finding marinas up the coast as owners and crew look to move vessels to a safe haven. Many marinas are full or may take some time to respond. One service we recommend highly is Dockwa.

Dockwa (Dockwa.com) has an online app and service that allows you to find and reserve marina slips around the country with a few clicks. It is fast, convenient and ready to assist.

In addition, we do have lists of marinas and websites available for your own research. At Falvey Yacht Insurance we also provide haul out coverage in advance of the storm and utilizing services such as Dockwa may assist you in finding the right location near you or up the coast.


In the wake of Hurricane Matthew last year, hundreds of boat owners and marine industry professionals supported the boating community by contributing to Dockwa's Hurricane Marina & Waterway Damage Status Report. Compiling and verifying intel in one centralized location assisted thousands of boaters as they navigated impacted areas. Dockwa has updated the Hurricane Marina & Waterway Damage Status Report for the current season, and asks boat owners, marina staff, and anyone with information to share to that page.

Click here to view and add to the report: dockwa.com/Irma