The Yacht and Charter Industry’s Most Robust Policy

Falvey Yacht Insurance provides one of the industry’s broadest coverages, at a price point that makes sense. When disaster strikes, you want to know that your investment is protected, and that you are covered for any eventuality. Our coverage options are designed to address every detail of your yacht’s operation, including storage and transport. So whether you’re docked, or on the water; off the coast of New England, or in the Caribbean—you can rest assured that you have the industry’s leading coverage, and your yacht remains protected.

The Industry’s Leading Charter- and Yacht-Specific Loss Prevention Program

On the ocean, anything can happen. When risk is abundant and uncertainty abounds, you want to know that you have an insurer who can provide you with the institutional knowledge, and common-sense advice needed to ensure your yacht remains protected at every stage of its voyage, from dock to destination.

Our expert Loss Prevention team is the industry’s only operating, dedicated group focused exclusively on providing hands-on education to Captains, Crews, Owners and Charter operators, and Base Managers.

Included as part of our service offering for qualified accounts, Falvey Yacht Insurance can provide a dedicated Loss Prevention Specialist to visit your vessel or fleet and provide expert instruction to you, your Captain, Crew and Base Managers on best practices for the continued safe use and risk management of your vessels and operations.

Unsurpassed Claims Specialization

Falvey Yacht Insurance is committed to going above and beyond expectations in terms of claims. No matter the situation, we will work diligently with our clients and broker partners to process claims wherever and whenever a need arises, so you can spend more time yachting, and less time dealing with paperwork to push a claim through. We have a dedicated staff of in-house yacht claims specialists available to work with you proactively to address your needs. At Falvey Yachts, there are no hidden clauses buried in fine print, no runaround, and no question that you’re going to get the best possible service and satisfaction should you ever experience a loss.

Relationships, Not Transactions

Falvey Yacht Insurance offers policies either direct, or through your broker. We partner with brokerages and agents in the yachting industry worldwide, and pride ourselves on taking a collaborative, rather than competitive, approach to these relationships. We recognize that for many owners, their insurance broker is a valued resource, so we offer unmatched flexibility and responsiveness when building and maintaining relationships within our robust network of broker partners. No matter the channel, we seek to provide all of the resources necessary to offer the best coverage for your needs.

Our focus on relationships is core to the value that we offer, and we believe that investing time and resources to build those relationships is how we distinguish ourselves from the competition. Our goal is to act as a trusted advisor to our clients and partners, not just a transactional provider. By taking a personal approach to every interaction we have with a customer or broker, we are building a long term partnership—and to us, that’s the measure of success.

Responsive and Flexible Service

The yachting lifestyle is often a transient one, so we pride ourselves on being accessible and responsive when and where you need us most. Whether it’s to quote, bind, or respond to a claim—you can rest assured that Falvey Yachts offers the best-in-class infrastructure, expertise and dedication to address even your most complicated yacht insurance needs at a moment’s notice, and with no hassle. Whether you are staying in local waters or cruising abroad, we take a consultative approach to work through the details of your unique needs and circumstances, to ensure the process is both smooth and painless.

Local Presence on a Global Scale

Falvey Yacht Insurance provides a regional and international expertise that’s unrivaled in the yachting industry. With admitted policies across the United States and our work with some of the top Charter companies and Luxury yacht crews in the world, providing a local touch on a global scale is in our DNA as a company.

While many carriers are consolidating, we’re taking a different approach, opening new offices and expanding upon our existing coverage in major markets like Newport, Fort Lauderdale, and San Francisco —making us the only carrier with offices in each of these critical locations to the industry. Our goal is to have a physical presence for our underwriters and clients in every traditional and emerging yachting center in the world—starting right here at home.

Our locations include:

  • North Kingstown, RI (Headquarters)
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • New York

Competitive Pricing at Superior Value

Falvey Yacht Insurance provides fully customized insurance solutions based on your unique needs, and at the best possible value for your premium dollars. We evaluate every quote on the basis of its individual merits and circumstances in order to provide a robust policy that ensures your yacht’s proactive protection, and are constantly evaluating the industry landscape to translate opportunities for savings onto our customers.

Unparalleled Financial Security

Falvey Yacht Insurance works only with A.M. Best ‘A Rated’ security for our custom-built, exclusive yacht programs. This financial security and resiliency provides you with the peace of mind that claims will be settled fairly and quickly.

  • The process of working with the Falvey team has been a real pleasure from the word “go”. We feel very comfortable with their support and work ethic, and it has been pure joy to work together in securing complete and competitive coverage for our world-wide fleet of catamarans.

    The CEO of a worldwide luxury crewed yacht charter company

  • There are many yacht insurance companies but none are as professional and responsive as Falvey Yachts. The Falvey team are more than just an insurance company, they are true partners. We have regular meetings to review how we can save on premiums, assess risk and even to discuss how we may leverage the partnership further.

    Vice President, Charter Division of a nation-wide luxury boat dealer