Falvey Yacht Insurance is honored to partner with the finest yacht insurance brokers in the world. Falvey has selectively partnered with key brokerages regionally, in order to give those brokers the excellent service and product that their demanding yacht customers require.

The My Yacht Portal grants you access to all of your clients coverage information and documentation in one centralized location. Easily accessible from your phone or laptop, your secure login details provided as part of your policy will grant you access to a variety of convenient features, no matter when, or where, you need them.

On-demand access to all relevant forms and fields to pull an automated quote for a client

Agency Management:
Industry-leading access to an at-a-glance overview of your entire book of business with Falvey Yachts, so you can track and manage your growth and profitability

Our systems automatically trigger and route your clients’ renewal paperwork at the appropriate times, without needing to contact your underwriter

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